Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Tamale

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Just My Size Sportswear apparel.

My husband is out of town and I have been feeling a little dumpy. I have been watching too much TV and moping around the house. Today the teens staged a revolt and for once in their lives they were actually right- there really was NOTHING to eat in the house. So off I went to my local Wal-Mart to stock up on EVERYTHING.

As I'm pushing my cart along, I felt my bra pinching in to my side, my undies ridding up, oh yeah and the button on the inside of my pants waist making a permanent indention in my stomach. I have to face the facts- my clothes are too tight. I have been ignoring it for too long, I have gained weight. I have been insisting on squeezing myself into clothes that do not fit, it's painfully obvious now (literally painful!) ha-ha

At first I pretend I will only buy- a bra that my giant bazongas won't runeth over in, and maybe some more comfortable panties. But LO and BEHOLD I walk straight into the new JMS section at Wal-Mart- ok..WTFrench! Super Cute stuff, I'm talking dresses, crops and adorable t-shits.

I start piling the stuff into my cart and head to the fitting room-to face the dreaded mirrors.

Guess what? I look damn cute! Instead of looking like a stuffed sausage, I look like a happy woman wearing cute clothes that actually fit and are flattering. Who knew?!

Being so pleasantly surprised with the JMS store inside Wal-Mart I did what I always do, I check them out on-line.

OK, seriously, I LOVE their website! They have this awesome tool that lets you pick an avatar of your body type (of course mine was the cute redhead) and then drag and drop the clothes on your adorable avatar- so you can see how the look works.

The other thing I thought was fab about the site was the Off the Runway section- they use REAL models- gorgeous women who are the actual right size of the JMS clothing line. Seriously, because is there anything worse than looking at a size 6 model selling a size 14 dress- um, that is NOT what I am going to like in that dress- you're not fooling me skinny girl!

As my new obsession, I am now following them on Facebook! Guess what? I am not the only Blogger who loves them, check out other lovely bloggers like me who love them too!

Move over ladies- HOT TAMALE is back in town! Wait- you can be a HOT TAMALE too! You can enter to win...wait for it- a $500 shopping spree at JMS inside Wal-Mart! Here are the RULES to the sweepstakes- Hurry; you have until 8/31 to enter! You can enter by commenting on this post, tweeting about it or, if you have a blog- blog about it- but, there are only two entries per person allowed.

There are 3 ways to enter- but you can only enter twice- here's the "skinny" no pun intended: 3 ways to enter are: commenting on this post, tweeting about the review, or blogging about the review. For the second two, you must leave a comment with the link to your tweet or post here.

Good luck my chickadees!